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A 10th Anniversary Surprise!

A 10th Anniversary Surprise!
Dîner en Blanc de Montréal participants will now be able to get to the secret site ...
on a BIXI !
For 5 years, the city of Montreal has encouraged its inhabitants to adopt this shared method of transportation from spring until autumn. It is the absolute perfect option to arrive on the secret site of the chicest and most elegant picnic of the year on a trendy bicycle.
What are the details? 
The BIXI participants will have picnic tables pre setup directly on site. They, therefore, do not need to transport their tables or their chairs. The BIXI departure point will be at Place d'Armes. Each participant is responsible for their own BIXI rental cost as well as membership fees (if applicable).
What is the cost to participate?
The cost to be a part of the inaugural BIXI group is the same as métro participants: 33$ + 9$ membership fees (plus tax). 
Why choose BIXI?
Dîner en Blanc values the spirit of the Montreal and it's inhabitants. BIXI is an integral part of our urban lives and we wished to encourage that among all Montrealers. Associating Dîner en Blanc and BIXI seemed a natural fit!
Nota Bene : All the pedestrian members are able to change their transportation for the BIXI.

Who is in for this first-ever BIXI departure group?

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Alain F.
Invité membre
Il y a 7 mois

Is it possible to transfer from a pedestrian group to the Bixi group?

Thank you!
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