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Message from Janie Bolduc and Rizlaine Ourimchi, organizers of the dance Flash Mob

Message from Janie Bolduc and Rizlaine Ourimchi, organizers of the dance Flash Mob

“Dear fans of the Dîner en Blanc,

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this fabulous event instigated in Paris in the 80s, we are organizing an enormous flash mob that will take place before, during and after the Dîner en Blanc International.

Definition of a flash mob: “a group of people who assemble in public to perform previously agreed upon actions. Since flash mobs are organized via the web, the participants do not generally know each other.”
To give you an idea, here is a Youtube video of a very well-known flash mob:

Here are our three easy steps :
  1. Learn a simple choreography (illustrated below) to the popular song Sway. It speaks to both men and women of all ages.
  2. Share this email with the youtube links with your family, friends as well as your colleagues, whether or not you have registered for the Dîner en Blanc. We need the most participants possible to create the impact sought.
  3. Two meeting dates :
Rehearsal : Parc Lafontaine, Saturday August 3rd at 4pm (August 4th if it rains on the 3rd). Since the choreography lasts less than four minutes, the rehearsal will take less than an hour of your day and it will be fun!

Flash mob: Esplanade de la Place-des-Arts (where the Dîner en Blanc was held last year), Saturday August 10th (moved to the following day should it rain) at 4pm. The event will of course be filmed and (youtubed!). The only requirement: to be dressed IN WHITE!

Here are the three links:
Share and invite your friends to learn it...

See you on August 3rd for the rehearsal!

For more info:
Cell: 514 777 4671

Janie Bolduc from Productions Origin-elles

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